About Anderton Estate Investments Ltd

Anderton Estate Investments has been set up to administer the assets of the George Anderton Trust, which owns a large amount of the Haresfinch Area of St Helens.
The trust was set up in the 1930s when George Anderton, a local property developer and philanthropist, went into a series of arrangements with several local builders and allowed them to build houses on land he owned.

Some of the streets that were built on the land are even named after these builders and members of their families.

George also donated land to for a local park and playing fields, and for a church to be built.

In order to provide for his wife, mother and sisters he leased out the land on 999 year leases and placed the freeholds in trust. Each home owner would have to pay an annual ground rent of 1% of the selling price of the houses at the time – between £2.50 and £6 per year.

It was George`s intention not only to benefit his family but also benefit the local community.

This meant that while the owners owned the buildings they did not own the land their houses stood on. It also meant that a series of conditions were placed on owners and these conditions remain today.

Over the years the value of these rents has fallen with inflation, but the trust remained within the family.

Based on the original cost of the houses, the relative ground rents should be around 1% of the current value of the houses – an average of £1,000 per year.

Increased costs

However, increased costs mean that for the past 20 years the trust has run at a considerable loss and the situation was getting worse each year.

Instead of providing an income, the trust has cost the trustees many thousands of pounds, and so the trust has been wound up, with its assets handed over to a new company – Anderton Estate Investments – which is owned by the descendants of George Anderton.

Anderton Estate Investments has now re-organised the freeholds and registered them at the Land Registry at substantial cost.

George Anderton believed in playing fair with the people of St Helens and we want to respect his legacy by offering first refusal on these freeholds at a very reasonable price to the people who own the homes that stand on his land.

Many owners have already taken us up on our offer and have bought their freeholds.

However Anderton Estate Investments exists amongst other things to realise the assets of the trust in whatever way it can. We are not property experts and the company exists to sell the freeholds of these properties. It should also be pointed out that Anderton Estate Investments is staffed by volunteers and nobody draws a salary from the company.

Your chance to buy

Several specialist freehold companies have contacted us with a view to buying up the remaining freeholds as a job lot and we have declined to sell until we have given all home owners a fair chance to buy their freeholds.

Of course, as the law stipulates, before any sale takes place all remaining leaseholders will be officially offered the freehold on their homes, but this may be at a higher price than currently available.

If we sell these freeholds on to a specialist company you are highly unlikely to be given the chance to buy your freehold again.

Property management companies are expert at squeezing the maximum income from the freeholds they own. Annual fees of anything up to £100 are common, along with late payment fees of up to £10 per day and very high charges for any other services. They would not be legally required to offer you the chance to buy your freehold again.

You can avoid this situation by purchasing the freehold of your home now. Follow this link to find out more.

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Anderton Estate Investments Ltd


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Registered in Jersey, company number 102266