Conditions on your lease

What you can and cannot do

Your lease includes a number of important conditions that you must stick to. These conditions are the same for all the freeholds we own.

The most important condition prevents you from using your home as a place of business but you are also required to obtain written permission from us if you wish to make any alterations or additions to your home.

Such permission may incur a charge from us. For more information, see our fees and charges page.

This is not an exhaustive list of the conditions attached to your lease. You should see your copy of your lease for the full details.

Equity release and similar schemes

If you have a lease with us and you wish to take part in an equity release or similar scheme, then you must buy your freehold first.

The same applies to any scheme that gives any third party a claim against your home.

So for clarity: We do NOT allow equity release or similar schemes on properties where Anderton Estate Investments holds the freehold.

Breach of conditions

If you have broken the terms of your lease you may be considered to be in breach. This is a very serious matter and could lead to you losing your home. See our Breach of lease conditions page for more information.

However, we will always seek to be reasonable and resolve matters in an amicable way if at all possible.

You can, of course, do what you like with your property (within the law!) if you own the freehold. See the How to buy your freehold page for more information.