Administration and other charges

As your landlord we are required to provide certain services to you, for example when you re-mortgage or sell your home.

You are also required to obtain from us written permission before making any improvements to your home. Under the terms of the lease we are permitted to charge for our time in providing these services to you.


Payment is due when you request one of these services. If for any reason the costs are going to be higher than stated we will let you know before we process your request any further.

Payment should be made by cheque payable to Anderton Estate Investments Ltd and posted to us at Elysium, JE3 8DD

Please put your name and address on the back of the cheque with a covering note explaining what the payment is for.

Scale of charges

Late payment charge – £35
Payable when ground rent is not paid by the due date. We may also add daily interest charges in some cases.

Running an unauthorised business – £1000

The terms of your lease forbid you to run a business of any kind from one of our properties under any circumstances. If we discover you are running a business you will be ordered to shut it down or provide evidence that you have relocated. You will be required to pay £1000 in compensation also for a serious breach of the terms on the lease. If you wish to continue to run a business from the premises, then you must buy the lease.

Copy of lease – £50
This fee covers the administration costs of applying for a copy of your lease and photocopying it for you. Alternatively, your solicitor or mortgage lender should hold a copy. Copies are also available through the Land Registry.

Home improvements

Improvements to your home – £100
Under the terms of your lease, you are required to obtain written permission from us before you commence to before you make any improvements to your home. Details of improvements should be sent to us in writing with your payment and we will then respond in writing with our consent if possible.

Improvements to your home – retrospective – £500 per breach
If you have carried out home improvements (for example, built an extension) without obtaining our written permission first, this fee is payable. This is an alternative to us seeking a court order to remove the improvements done without our permission. This applies to all improvements, whenever made. If an improvements were present when you bought the property and our written permission was not given, then you as the present owner must pay. However, under some circumstances we will be prepared to charge the lesser fee of £100.

Mortgage changes

Consent to re-mortgage – £100
If you wish to re-mortgage you must receive our written consent.

Consent to further advance – £100
If you would like to apply for a further advance on your mortgage you must receive our written consent.

Equity release

We do NOT allow equity release or similar schemes on properties where Anderton Estate Investments holds the freehold. To take out an equity release loan, you must buy your freehold.

Selling your home

Leasehold and Freehold enquiries – £100
When you decide to sell your home we are asked to provide information regarding the property to your solicitor. The administration charge for answering these questions is payable by the current leaseholder.

Buying your freehold

You can avoid these charges, ground rent and restrictions on your home by buying your freehold as many of your neighbours have. See Buying your freehold to find out more.