Ground rent

As owners of the freehold of your property, you must pay us ground rent on the land where your house sits.<

The amount varies from one property to another, but in most cases it is between £2.50 and £6 per year.

The lease usually states ground rent is to be paid in two installments on June 1 and December 1 each year but many of our tenants pay annually.

How to pay

We encourage payment by standing order. Please contact us for more information.

Otherwise payment should be made by cheque payable to Anderton Estate Investments Ltd and posted to us at Elysium, Jersey, JE3 8DD

Please put your name and address on the back of the cheque with a covering note explaining what the payment is for.

Failure to pay ground rent

If you do not pay you will be judged to be in breach of your lease.

Breach of the lease is a very serious matter and could result in us seeking possession of your home and our land. This is a last resort and we would try every other avenue to resolve the issue first. See breach of the lease conditions for more information.

You will also incur an administration charge and you may be charged interest on your debt until it is paid.

Buy your freehold

If you buy the freehold of your home you will no longer have to pay ground rent and charges. See how to buy your freehold for more information.