How to buy your freehold

Freehold prices vary, depending on your property and the lease applying to it.

Payment should be made by cheque payable to Anderton Estate Investments Ltd and posted to us at Elysium, JE3 8DD

You should also send us confirmation of your name (or names if freehold is to be transferred to a couple) and address and the name the freehold should be transferred to.

We will also need photo copies of your passport(s) and a copy of a recent (less then three months old) utility bill or bank/credit card statement. These are proof of address and should be certified by your bank.




On cashing your cheque we will make all the arrangements and send you a copy of the transfer document we submit to the Land Registry.

In the following few weeks the Land Registry will send you the new Land Certificate and you will become the legal owner of the freehold.